Ray Piatt's Scarab -- The Ultimate Boon Writer

As Ray and Lisa Piatt focus their creative energies on their fine leather products, it is my honor to serve as custodian Ray's line of Scarab...which I consider to be the Ultimate Boon Writer.

Here's what I have available:

Regular lead .046 mm diameter, matches mechanical pencil lead
Super lead .079 mm diameter, matches standard wooden pencil
Waxy marker matches Listo, China marker, Scripto crayon
All three above available in black or red;
black sent unless specified otherwise.
Black Beauty Kit Heavy black lead, similar look to editing or carpenter's pencil. Designed for replacement of lead; comes with five extra tips.
Stylus tip Polished bearing stock; use for carbon impression
Wax For Ashes on the Arm


Black Beauty Kit -- $22.50 ea.

All others -- $14.00 ea.

Current PEA members, deduct 10%.

Price includes regular postage.
Priority mail, $3.00 extra PER ORDER.

PayPal (huc129@uky.edu) or Cash or checks to:
Norm Van Tubergen
6376 Cincinnati
Sadieville, KY 40370

Notes: I've lowered Ray's prices a little bit and made them uniform. At the same time, I've consolidated the waxy markers into a single line and eliminated a few variations that Ray offered (chalk, Pro-Tip, Jumbo lead). If you need one of these, let me know; I may be able to accomodate you from old inventory, or by making one up "special" for you.

Questions? Ask me at huc129@email.uky.edu